Naked Dance

Naked Dance is an olfactory impression of our lives at home, where we jazz through space filled with our attachments, memories and comforts in bliss of intimate liberty to be ourselves.

30ml Extrait de parfum Comes in glass bottle with hand crafted wood cap. Master perfumer: Mark Buxton

International shipping from 11th October

  • Notes:

    Orange blossom, Bergamot, Green tea
    Rice, Clay, Lily, Iris, a drop of Turkish Rose
    White musk, Incense, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Tonka, Guaiac wood

  • Category:

    Musky, woody, floral

  • Impressions:

    Musky, milky, powdery, a little soapy and bitter.Oil paintings, temple dust, drying lily and wood.Warm, intimate, comforting, sun warmed skin.Long lasting, sensual, addictive.