.Oddity is a contemporary niche perfume house led by a design collective. Our perfumes inspire with a unique interplay of visible and invisible arts, awakening emotions and associations with the right energy to act and create.

Our creatives:

  • Alice Mourou
  • Kirill Runkov
  • Nikita Shchukin


Where inspiration comes from? From unexpected encounters. From good conversations. In the moment you find something in common. From discovery of a neglected knowledge. From a visual that catches your attention. From a trace of a smell that you want but can not reach. Each fragrance is a complex olfactory composition. They are whimsical, eccentric, sometimes dramatic and always expressive of the physical and emotional worlds we live in. They are nebulous, never perceived the same way by different noses. Unbox and plunge in.


Our perfumes are deeply rooted in visual culture. Each image you see, each detail you touch is brought to life with synergy of design and perfumery arts in collaborative concept. We see beauty of imperfections: raw corners, untouched nature, exposed structure, technical details from behind the scene. As it is, messy, pure, artistic.


Our perfumes are crafted in small batches, using rare and rich ingredients, making them quite a distinguishing smells. The bottle caps are made by hand from imperfectly beautiful wooden scraps encapsulated in epoxy resin resulting in unique shapes and shades, each is one of a kind. All our fragrances are compliant strictest global IFRA standards. .Oddity perfume requires an intense level of hand-worksmanship making our production capacity trully limited.


Our perfume bottle is designed to be kept from landfill. We hope it will live it’s life as a design object even after the perfume is finished. We work closely with local printing houses to bring our designs into life with minimum impact to the planet. We use beautiful recycled and recyclable materials and ensure all of papers are FSC certified. Our packaging is plastic free.